Burrida alla cagliaritana

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In our column on curiosities today we will talk about a typical dish that is part of the history of the province of Cagliari.
Sa Burrida is a delicious fish dish from Cagliari cuisine and can still be found today in the I Ginepri Restaurant in Quartucciu, prepared by our chefs, Andrea and Roberto according to tradition.
This ancient seafood recipe, typical of Sardinia, has been handed down in our kitchen from generation to generation, and over the years it has always maintained the precious authority that is the fruit of ancient traditions.

The main ingredient of this course is the Catfish, a medium-sized fish, about 30/60 cm, belonging to the cat shark family (Scyliorhinidae).

We are pleased to share with you the curiosities and secrets of this tasty seafood appetizer which, as tradition dictates, is served cold